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As worldwide leading provider for measurement-, control- and IT-technology INDEV provides innovative, cost-efficient, customer-oriented and technologically leading solutions for 50 years now.

The range of products INDEV provides sets new standards in quality assurance and process optimization. Our primary goal is to deliver the best possible value for money, however extraordinary or complicated your special requirements may be.

INDEVs experience and quality products will help you to ensure the quality of your products and efficiency of your production line. Less scrap and perfectly satisfied customers will return your investments rapidly.

Providing Measurement and Control Technology for:

  • Thickness
  • Density
  • Basis Weight
  • Vision Surface Inspection
  • Color Interpretation
  • Cascade MD Control

We offer the following IT-solutions:

  • Production Data Acquisition (PDA)
  • Machine Data Acquisition (MDA)
  • Energy Management Systems (EnMS)
  • Computer-aided Quality Assurance (CAQ)
  • Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES)