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Upgrade Program

Why do so many companies trust in INDEV to optimize their production processes and costs?

Because INDEV is a reliable partner for innovative, cost-efficient, customer-oriented and technologically leading solutions for over 50 years now.

Our Upgrade-Program is just one more argument to proof this, but one we clearly separate form other competitors in the market.

Sometimes it's just not enough time to replace a complete measuring device, or investment funds ran short at the time. In these cases we from INDEV have the perfect solution for you. We give an new kick to your somewhat outdated controls or measurement devices, but just replacing the necessary parts (sensors, software, frontends, ...). This solution ins implemented fast and the investment returns in no time.
And the best: We do these update not only for our own systems but also for that of other manufacturers. In the past we upgraded systems of the following manufacturers:
  • Accuray
  • Accutrack
  • Concept One
  • DMC
  • EGS
  • FIFE
  • Honeywell
  • IMS
  • IRM
  • LFE
  • Measurex
  • NDC
  • Ohmart
  • Thermo Fisher
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